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Posted by Abdulaziz Altamimi Real Estate on June 3, 2023

Dubai is a city known for its architectural and engineering marvels, and one of the most impressive among them is the Palm Jebel Ali. This man-made island is the biggest of the three Palm Islands in Dubai and spans a vast area of 134 million square feet. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, offering various attractions, entertainment, and luxury living facilities. In this blog post, we will explore the wonders of Palm Jebel Ali, including its history, development, attractions, and benefits.

The story behind the Palm

To understand the significance of Palm Jebel Ali, it’s essential to know its history and purpose. The island was envisioned by Nakheel Properties, the real estate development firm behind the other two Palm Islands.

The project started in 2002, and the initial plan was to create the world’s largest artificial island, extending 14 kilometers into the Arabian Gulf. However, the project was later scaled down, and only a small part of the island, covering 25% of the original plan, was completed. Nonetheless, the island is a significant development, with various features and facilities.

The Highlights of the project

One of the primary attractions of Palm Jebel Ali is its extensive network of canals and waterways. The island was designed to resemble a palm tree, with a central trunk and 17 fronds spreading in all directions. The fronds house luxurious villas, apartments, and hotel resorts. Water taxis and boats can transport visitors and residents across the canals.

Some of the popular sites on the island include The Palm Tower, which is a 80-story hotel and residential building offering stunning views of Dubai’s skyline, and The Boardwalk, which is a scenic walkway along the waterfront that has various restaurants and shops.

Another highlight of Palm Jebel Ali is its entertainment and recreational facilities. The island has a range of activities to offer to visitors, including water sports, fishing, and diving. Visitors can also enjoy a visit to the Wild Wadi water park, which is connected to the island through a land bridge.

The park has various water rides and slides, including the world-famous Jumeirah Sceirah, which is a tandem slide with speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. For shoppers, there is a mall on the island, offering various local and international brands.

Besides its tourism and entertainment value, Palm Jebel Ali also has significant benefits for the economy and the environment. The island’s construction employed tens of thousands of workers, contributing to the emirate’s economy and job market.

The project also used advanced technologies to create a sustainable environment, such as using solar panels to generate electricity and desalination plants to provide fresh water for the island’s residents. The tree-like shape of the island helps reduce soil erosion, and the waterways provide an effective drainage system.


Palm Jebel Ali is a remarkable feat of engineering and development, offering a range of attractions and amenities to visitors and residents. Its shape, design, and features make it a unique island, and its benefits go beyond just tourism and entertainment. Its impact on the economy, environment, and society are significant, making it a valuable addition to Dubai’s landscape.

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, don’t miss the opportunity to explore Palm Jebel Ali and discover its wonders.

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